Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Battle of Vimeiro - Republique Style

Me and Tim decided to take a break from revision to delve into the free napoleonic rules from Republique. They seememd simple and also appeared to be able to get a result in a short period of time.
So as to keep the battle size down the Battle of Vimeiro was decided.
I converted the orbats to Republique and we were going.
2nd Legere - 4 Veteran Light Infantry
70th Ligne - 4 Veteran Line Infantry
86th Ligne - 4 Veteran line Infantry
12th Legere - 3 Veteran Light Infantry
58th Legere - 3 Veteran Light Infantry
82nd Ligne - 4 Veteran Line Infantry
1st Reserve Grenadiers - 5 Veteran Grenadiers
2nd Reserve Grenadiers - 5 Veteran Grenadiers
1st Prov. Dragoons - 3 Average Dragoons
3rd Prov. Dragoons - 2 Green Dragoons
4th Prov. Dragoons - 2 Green Dragoons
5th Prov. Dragoons - 2 Green Dragoons
4 Medium Foot Veteran Batteries
Acland's Brigade - 2 Bases Average Line, 1 Base Elite Riflemen
Bowes' Brigade - 3 Bases Average Line
Hill's Brigade - 4 Bases Average Line
Fane's Brigade - 1 Base Veteran Lights, 2 Bases Elite Riflemen
Fergusson's Bgde - 3 Bases Veteran Highlanders
Craufurd's Bgde - 3 Bases Average Line
Anstruther's Bgde - 4 Bases Veteran Light
Nightingall's Bgde - 3 Bases Average Line
Porto Cacadores - 3 Bases Green Light
20th Light Dragoons - 2 Bases Average Light Dragoons
12th Port. Infantry - 4 Bases Green Line
21st Port. Line - 4 Bases Green Line
24th Port. Line - 4 Bases Green Line
Del Ruiz's Dragoons - 4 Bases Green Dragoons
4 Average Medium Foot Batteries

The English deployed along the ridge line with Fane's Bgde in the woods to their left front and Nightingall's Command in Vimeiro itself. The Highlanders were placed in reserve. Trant's command were given responsibility of holding the hill on the right.
The french deployed with one division heading straight at the hill whilst the other attacked the British left along with the majority of the cavalry - Kellermann was deployed in reserve.
Del Ruiz quickly destroyed the french cavalry on that flank and for a moment threatened the whole force from the rear - but quick work from the 2nd Legere send them off the battle in panic. Meanwhile the rest of the division took the hill and sent the rest of the portuguese packing - the troop quality really taking its toll on the green troops. This move pretty much decided the battle - the British constantly had to send forces to protect their flank and this weakened their centre. Kellermann's Grenadiers quickly went in and took the ridge despite taking casualties. Hill's force on the left did counterattack but once the lines had reformed, it was the French who looked strongly in command.
These rules worked well for the assault phases but the morale and panic factors are confusing. The results of these tests decide the battle and they didn't seem to work as well as the overall outlook of the rules. However it was fun to get the Napoleonics back out and by October when we return to Uni I intend to have bought the napoleonic rules off English Computer Wargames which I have played before and work for a whole variety of battles.
I should also have a lot more French and Prussian troop making it possible to do slightly larger battles - I think Sabugal may be the place to start from or maybe Maida.

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wtjcom said...

There is a beta version of Republique posted at WTJ which includes a few uprgades to the morale/panic system. This includes a less brutal rally table (which was originally designed only for *very* large games) that also allows for incremental improvements in morale instead of the all-or-nothing approach.

The 5.0 version will probably have a selection of three combat charts to choose from, offering different levels of violence & speed (tempo), which will help for players who wish to do smaller battles or who prefer a longer assault results curve.

Jim B.