Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Plans - 08!

1st of all I fully intend to get as much of my current stuff based and painted as possible - that means Napoleonics and CWC, as well as my few 1/72 WW2 stuff. However my next major project is almost definitely going to be 10mm WW2 for use with BKC. Money is an issue so i'm going to take my time - get the stuff I want and paint it up to a good standard. At the moment its looking strongly likely a mid war German Panzer Division is on the cards for the Eastern front. If I get anything done before I get back to Durham it will be a miracle but if I can get an infantry battalion done along with a Pz111 battalion that would be a good start.

This weekend I'm going to the Hornby military fair with my old school club - the LRGS Armchair Generals. Should be fun - Ill try to get some pics up.

Also I should hopefully be taking part in the LancasterWargamesClub multi-day Kursk game as a German player looking forward to it.

Finally, I will be looking further into organising TO&Es for commission and seeing how that would work - Ive always found this very interesting.

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